Data Collection

Key to energy management and tenant recharges is the half hourly data used in reports or to create accurate invoices.  Faros dial the secondary metering at a frequency requested by the customer, whether it’s once a month or every day. 

We appreciate the value of complete data and have therefore developed internal reporting to identify any data discrepancies.  The data is available in a standard industry format CSV file and, if required, is sent to you either via email or FTP as well as being imported into Evolution.

In order to retrieve the data from the meter, communication links need to be maintained and Faros has robust processes to dial the meters.  We generate a dial failure report at the end of every data collection session, thus enabling us to manually dial a meter point and update the data collected. 

Within the business process, the data collection service is linked to the Secondary Meter Operation service providing added value. This ensures that where there has been a consistent dial failure, you are informed and a site visit can be programmed to rectify the fault. In addition, when the engineers change any hardware (meter or modem) on site it is immediately transferred onto the data collection system, which ensures minimum loss of data.

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