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Faros was founded in 1998 by Peter Green and is a family run business based in Poulton Le Fylde, just outside Blackpool. Faros is an acronym for Frequency Agile Radio Outstation System, as we were one of the first companies to offer energy management systems.  Over the years, we have developed new services which compliment our metering service and also in response to our customer's requirements, such as utility connections, energy reporting and bureau services.  We also keep up to date with legislation relevant to you such as Building Regulations Part L2, EPC and DEC requirements, ESOS and now Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR).

The ethos then, as now, is providing an excellent level of service and being fully responsive to your needs. 

With our experience at providing solutions to our customer requirements as the main driver, Faros has essentially developed two core businesses which are intrinsically linked, energy management and metering services.  What makes us different in these areas are that we are independent from both suppliers and data collectors and therefore have your data and metering as a priority.  With our expertise we can also challenge and question on your behalf when issues arise and not get ‘the wool pulled over our eyes’.

Quality is very important to us and having a metering training facility on site ensures our engineers are fully trained across all distribution network areas and equipment, giving them the flexibility of covering all areas of the UK.  It has also helped our office staff further their understanding of timescales and to visualise technical equipment.

Our staff are also valuable and we pride ourselves on their loyalty, with 65% having worked for us for over 10 years.  Being a small company, our staff are cross trained and we regularly hold office meetings so that from the CEO down to the newest apprentice knows what work is happening, what challenges we are facing and what direction we are moving in.

Faros is dedicated to building lasting relationships with our customers, both large and small, by continually striving to exceed expectations. We are here to work with you, just give us a call.

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Email: Sales@fe-ltd.co.uk

Tel: 01253 886665

Fax: 01253 899243


Look House, Unit 26

Aldon Road

Poulton Business Park

Poulton le Fylde



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