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  MSDC Real Time  


Using the MSDC software, combined with the Faros secondary metering panels, real time data is available from the electricity metering against the parameters below.



MSDC Real Time Window


Once the user connects to a meter for real time data, a window will appear (left) which displays all available parameters. The window stays visible throughout the real time connection updating values approximately every 60 seconds, dependent on communication type.


MSDC Power Values


After a connection has been disconnected for real time data a histogram is available displaying a trend for each power value (kW – kVA – kVAr). The histogram can be accessed at any time from the MSDC software.


MSDC Currents


3 phase currents in a histogram from the real time data can assist with phase balancing, equipment performance and fault identification.


MSDC Voltages


Supply voltages can vary for short periods throughout the day or at any time; consumers cannot always identify changes which could affect equipment. Using the MSDC histogram voltages can be monitored aiding fault finding where regular unexplained equipment failure occurs.


MSDC Power Factor


Traditional Power Factor is calculated using billing information; the MSDC enables the user to view a histogram of the Power Factor.




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