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Interior Isolator Panel



Faros bespoke panels are manufactured to suit the customer’s needs. The picture shown is a GRP 500x300x250 enclosure with an IP66 rating. The panel contains a 200amp isolator, 3 x 200amp solid core Current Transformers and a pre-wired half-hourly meter with GSM communications.

The panel was designed to meet the customer’s requirements of limited space (traditionally an isolator would be fitted followed by a current transformer chamber and metering). The panel enables the customer’s electrical contractors to install simply; in addition the metering commences recording the instant the supply is switch on.

Although the panels are configured ready for use, Faros would recommend a commissioning test is completed as soon as possible after installation. The panel design allows commissioning without supply interruption.



Panel above shows 1 200 amp isolator, 3x200 amp solid core current transformers, supply fuses and shorting links for the Ofgem approved billing meter. Diagram displays supply connections and cable routes for electrical contractor installation.





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