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Exterior Secondary Meter Panel



Faros secondary metering panels use “off the shelf products” ensuring availability, flexibility and cost effectiveness for the customer. ABB Vision meters are used throughout the country on large electricity consuming sites for supplier billing. They meet all current legislation for supplier billing metering and have an exceptional performance history.

Faros use the Vision for electricity metering and as a data-logger for pulsed metering (gas, water etc). As a fully compliant Meter Operator, Faros fulfil the strict requirements for the installation and commissioning of billing metering.

Faros maintain these levels for secondary metering, where customers are assured of a comprehensive commissioning certification for every meter installed.



The above panel shows 4 External electricity meters, which is part of a 20 meter panel, with 15 electricity pre-fitted meters and connections for 5 gas, water or other pulsing device.





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