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Interior Secondary Meter Panel



Faros design and manufacture bespoke metering panels for installation within Switch Rooms.

Panels are designed for installation either by Faros engineers or any customer nominated contractor. Panel sizes vary from 1 meter through to 25 meters (larger panels can be manufactured but due to size and weight these are not recommended) and panels can be daisy chained together to facilitate higher numbers of meters onto one communication link which can be IP, BT, Paknet, Radio or GSM.

Panels can be designed for input connections of gas, water and any other pulsing device. Should Faros not be carrying out the installation work, documentation is provided with full installation instruction for the panel, together with Current Transformers and ancillary connections.


The panel above shows 11 internal electricity meters, which is part of a 20 meter panel, with 15 electricity pre-fitted meters and connections for 5 Gas, Water or other pulsing device.





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