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Installing new or upgrading existing utility supplies can have many pitfalls; it can also be a daunting process if you do not have the technical expertise or industry knowledge to know when ‘the wool is being pulled over your eyes’. Faros have the contacts, knowledge and experience to remove the problems traditionally encountered by many companies and ensure your expectations and projects are kept on track.

There is a sequence of stages, all too often with excessive timescales, which need to be planned and managed effectively. Even before an application is submitted, Faros can advise/confirm whether the estimated load required is sufficient or too high, potentially reducing both the cost to install the supply and future billing.


During the next stage, once instructed by the customer to proceed with the application, Faros obtain necessary documentation and complete the appropriate paperwork. Using the Faros dedicated database, a process is implemented which tracks every step, which ensures all documentation is received by the relevant parties and lost/misplaced details are highlighted and rectified ASAP.


Dependent upon the distribution company or supplier , it can take from a number of weeks up to months to receive a quotation. Upon receipt of the quotation, if the customer decides to proceed, Faros manage and co-ordinate all parties involved in the next stage, ensuring a smooth installation resulting in the on-time energisation of all supplies. As a general guide, the customer's accredited contractors can carry out "contestable" activities such as cable laying, jointing and plant installations. “Non-contestable” work such as point of connection determination, design approval, statutory consents, quality assurance and final connection must be carried out by the licensed distribution operator in the case of electricity, or National Grid for Gas connections. Meter Operators are responsible for installation of electricity meters and gas/water supplier contractors install their respective meters. Each step of the works is managed by Faros to avoid costly delays and aborted visits to meet the customer's deadlines.


Upon completion of the works, Faros monitor performance against the load schedule in order that this information can be used on future developments of the same type for the customer potentially reducing costs. Finally all paperwork is checked and issued to relevant parties ensuring future billing details are accurate.



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