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Secondary Metering


Meter Panel


Whether the requirement for secondary metering is to provide authorised sub metering for tenant billing, or as part of an energy management program, Faros are able to provide effective and economic solutions for any secondary metering requirements. All metering panels are designed and engineered in house and are fully responsive to an individual customer’s requirements, with each metering panel tailored to be site specific. From survey through design to installation and implementation.

The secondary metering panels can contain from 1 to 20 meters per panel and, if necessary, additional panels can be used to increase the number of meters for an individual site. Data retrieval of half hourly values can be carried out via a range of communication link options including radio, GSM, PSTN or IP addressing. Results of these downloads are available to the customer directly using the MSDC software or via the data collection and Energy Bureau.

All secondary metering systems designed and manufactured by Faros meet current Building Regulations Part L2 and are constructed in IP66 enclosures. For tenant metering, meters must also comply with the requirements of the Electricity Regulations 1989, Schedule 7. Faros metering solutions, using the meters of their Strategic Energy Partner ABB, fully comply with these requirements being MID approved to Annex B and D.

Effective secondary metering allows the customer to monitor consumption for individual departments; processes or specific areas of the business and through effective monitoring develop successful control and reduction strategies. The continued analysis of the metering allows the customer to assess the success of such strategies and refine them quickly and efficiently.

MSDC Software


Meter Panel Exterior


Isolator Panel Exterior


Isolator Panel Interior


MSDC Real Time

The MSDC (Meter Scheduling & Data Communications) software is a versatile Data Collection & Reporting package for retrieving & displaying real-time energy and consumption data from multiple electricity meters. Other utilities such as gas and water (which have a meter providing a pulsed output) can also be monitored.

Faros developed the MSDC as a stand alone off the shelf product for customers who want complete control over data retrieval, reporting, invoicing and real time data.



MSDC Reporting


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