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Meter Operations


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The raw data output from meters is a very important asset to companies in managing energy costs, so the accurate and timely services of a good meter operator are a crucial part of a companies’ energy management structure.

A Meter Operator service is a mandatory requirement for all sites in the half hourly market and optional for sites below the 100kW threshold. Faros' role as a Meter Operator is to ensure that all meters are installed, commissioned, calibrated and maintained in line with the Balancing and Settlements Code of Practice (BSCP) and to ensure that meters are able to download half hourly data values to a Settlements Data Collector, who then supplies the information to the nominated Electricity Supplier to facilitate billing.

Faros are able to install and maintain all manufacture of meters and communication links and have engineers located at points across the country.

Faros are also one of only a couple of Meter Operators that are actively collecting data from meters via the customer’s own intranet system – thereby eliminating costly charges for communication links. Weekly or monthly reporting to customers on installations and fault rectification is available along with the ability to carry out real time access into meters to check a site's power factor and phase voltage.


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