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Forensic Energy Analysis




FORENSIC ENERGY ANALYSIS: True Energy Data Interrogation

There are two types of Half Hourly data; ‘settled data’ which has been through the settlement process to remove any anomalies and ‘raw data’ which is the data that comes direct from either your gas or electricity meter.  Faros use the raw data, which is the true record of consumption (which customers can ultimately trust) in their Forensic Energy Analysis.  Faros carry out a detailed analysis of the raw data including checks on each sites purchased kVA availability against actual requirement, multipliers and power factor etc.  Comparison is also made with the customers billed data to identify any discrepancies.  Any incongruities are further analyzed by our expert team and queried directly with the supplier to deliver the customer financial saving in their utility billing.  By increasing the accuracy of the billed data this in turn reduces the cost impact of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme which uses final billed data as the basis for charges and allowances.   The results of the detailed analysis, including any queries with suppliers and any recommendations, are reported to customers on a regular basis.

Electricity Load Reporting

Raw data is also used to generate electricity load reports which identify supplies that are close to, or have exceeded, their Agreed Supply Capacity (ASC), as well as establishing potential savings that could be made from reducing the ASC if the required load is significantly lower.  This information is vital in making decisions about upgrade requirements, which have high cost implications.

Having access to the meter data, Faros are able to establish the five highest maximum demands over a given period. This provides a fuller picture of the load requirements and ensures a ‘one-off’ spike is not taken as the maximum demand. As Faros work closely in partnership with their customers, they are also able to take into account the customer’s future development programmes and energy saving initiatives and advise accordingly (Faros Site Services can manage reductions/upgrades and new connections from concept through to completion).

Energy Reduction Project Savings Analysis

Using the historic data, Faros impartially analyse usage over a set period of time to determine a baseline. Once the energy reduction project has been implemented, a new rolling baseline is produced displaying ongoing savings in £ and as a percentage.This can be used to establish whether to roll a project out to all sites or if specific projected savings have been achieved/exceeded.

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