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 Evolution is Faros’ easy to use, energy management software tool which is continually being developed to meet specific customer requirements.  In essence there are two parts to Evolution, the front end - for display and analysis of energy usage and the back end – where all the data is stored.  The front end is constantly evolving as a result of working in partnership with customers and in addition to the full energy management version of Evolution, Faros have created a number of dashboards.


Evolution is flexible; the navigation tree allows the user to select any level from total organisation portfolio down to individual meters.  As well as standard monitoring and targeting profiles for a variety of different time periods for gas, water, electricity and oil, Evolution also has the options to combine these within a single view and convert to CO2.


In addition, Evolution has a range of analysis capabilities, enabling the user to compare different sites with each other or even the total site usage against individual submeters.  Sites can be grouped and their usage, or usage per area, compared to identify the higher consuming sites.  A site can also be compared against the best and worst site within that group.


Analysing the effect of energy efficiency works on electricity usage is essential for any organisation and Evolution does all the hard work for you.  Evolution’s project analysis tool uses regression analysis to predict usage and calculate savings, eliminating the influence of weather.  This method is also used to create budgets.


Other tools within Evolution show where a site’s maximum demand is under or overshooting the agreed supply capacity.








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