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Energy Reduction


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With energy costs increasing and new legislation being implemented, many companies are finding that energy is becoming the single largest overhead next to staff. Faros can assist to reduce actual kWh consumption (and cost) by acting as, or working with, the customer’s energy department and using a range of innovative and sustainable initiatives.

Using customer's half-hourly data and the Faros Monitoring & Targeting software, energy profiles are created and reviewed, with target lines set dependant on the operational process. A secure website is made available for easy individual site access via the customer’s own intranet, displaying consumption, target, costs and potential savings.

Faros achieve the most cost effective reductions through liaising directly with the customer’s sites, encouraging good housekeeping, raising and maintaining levels of Energy awareness, reviewing and advising on operational procedures.

Faros calculate and present business cases to the customer for any capital expenditure works to facilitate further energy reductions. Faros also undertake Energy Audits, Energy Presentations and a wide range of performance reports.



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