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Meter Scheduling & Data Communications


The MSDC is a combination of several different components making up a complete package. The first is a scheduling and data retrieval component; sites are configured with details which include technical metering information, communication details and customer details. The user can schedule the frequency to automatically download data or independently via a manual option. The second component is the tariff editor; costs are set up for each half-hour for each day against each utility including any standing charges that may apply. The third component is the Farosview; (real time windows) which combined with the data retrieval allows data to be downloaded for real time parameters (kW, kVA, kVAr, Volts, Currents, Power Factor and Frequency) on an ongoing basis until the operator disconnects. The data is then available to view using historic trend windows. The final component is the Reporter; a fully functional monitoring and targeting package that enables daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and period reporting in a variety of formats. Below are some samples from each component that make the MSDC a complete package.


Scheduling and Data Retrieval


Tariff Editor








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