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Bespoke Flexibility


Faros Bespoke solutions can adapt to many different applications, for example HMS Gannet, which was built in 1878 and is listed as one of the United Kingdoms core national collection of historic ships, was recently refurbished and opened to the public in Chatham’s Historic dockyard. Faros provided a system which was able to meet strict criteria; firstly the ship is floating in a dock which would require occasional maintenance resulting in the ship being moved to open water on the river where the system would have to be fully functional; secondly depending on time of year/day the system needed to be accessible from onboard the ship, on the dockside and in a security office.  Finally the system had to monitor the fire alarm and clearly display where an alarm was activated, be able to monitor and control the water level, pumps and motorised valves in the bilge, and control the lighting showing the status through positive feedback. The Faros system fulfilled all of these criteria ensuring this historic ship can be enjoyed for the foreseeable future.



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