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Additional Services




Tenant Recharge


Typical Invoice


Faros can provide monthly/quarterly billing to enable tenants to be recharged accurately for the energy they have consumed. From data collected remotely from either existing or new metering (see Secondary Metering), Faros can produce an accurate and timely invoice.  Should a tenant raise a query on an invoice, Faros are able to provide the tenant with a copy of the data used to produce the bill, thus resolving any queries raised simply and quickly.


Bill Validation


Bill Validation

Faros are able to save companies both time and resources by checking that all electricity, gas and water invoices are accurate, are for a property within the customer’s portfolio and that missing or duplicate periods of billing are verified. Queries found during the bill validation process are raised with suppliers on the customer’s behalf and the outcome of all queries are reported back to the customer. In addition, half hourly consumptions can also be verified by checking the billed units against the raw half hourly data.

    Capacity Reductions    

Capacity Reductions

Following a review of billed capacities and also dialling into customer's meters to obtain recent maximum demands, Faros are able to advise companies whether to apply for a reduction in capacity, which could save a significant amount on monthly energy invoices.

    Energy Project Evaluation    

Project Evaluation

Faros are able to provide non-biased, factual evaluation of equipment or energy saving projects to assist companies in making crucial business decisions e.g. further investment/investigation or whether to roll out a piece of equipment or project across a company portfolio of sites.

    MSDC Software    


Complete stand alone software package for Energy Managers. An off the shelf product which enables the customer to retrieve data, run several M&T reports, invoice tenants and view real time information. For more detail please see Secondary Metering.


Bespoke Systems


Bespoke Solutions

Click on the links below to view some typical screen shots of the system type. The systems can be stand alone or any combination. 

Energy Management Systems

Environmental – Pollution Management Systems

Building Management Systems

Bespoke Flexibility



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